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Our Vision is to accelerate data market growth by deploying world-class last mile technologies (FOC, LTE) and to expand the business to neighboring countries, making Rwanda the regional hub. Our Vision: “CUE”.


Unprecedented Public-Private-Partnership Model 

Data Wholesale Business Model 


kt-Rwanda Partnership

Wholesale Retailer Partnership

Fixed-Mobile Convergence 


Expand to Other Countries 

Expansd Business Portfolio in Value-Chain Cycle

Our Mission is to drive the fixed-mobile broadband penetration in collaboration with retail partners (MNOs, ISPs) on top of world-class ICT infrastructure of nationwide FOC backbone and 4G LTE access, and therefore to contribute to the transformation of Rwanda into ICT Hub of Africa.”.

Vision & Mission

Our History 

 In June 2013, the Government of Rwanda and kt entered into a Public Private Partnership (PPP) to install  a wide-ranging high-speed broadband network and expand the nation's online services capacity, essential for Rwanda`s goals in the ICT sector. kt Rwanda Networks was established to deliver universal broadband access based on world-class 4G LTE technology upon Rwanda’s national Fiber optic infrastructure and to manage the fixed-mobile converged infrastructure as the wholesale provider of high-speed mobile broadband, covering 95% of the population within 4 years.


CEO's Message

kt Rwanda Networks has made considerable progress since the launch of 4G LTE in November 2014. With a mission to cover 92% of the total population by 2017, 4G LTE services reached 62% of the Rwanda population end of the year 2016. Currently, 4G LTE has been deployed in all 30 districts and most populated centers & towns in Rwanda. In 2017


"We plan to cover 92% of population coverage with a wide coverage expansion by installing over 400 base stations, deployed across different areas of Rwanda."


Not only are we expanding our coverage but also constantly enhancing the 4G LTE experience in various locations where the service is already deployed. The Fiber Optic infrastructure across the country has also expanded to over 3,300km.


All of the above would not be possible without a dedicated team at kt Rwanda Networks.  We at kt Rwanda Networks value integrity and seek to establish trust by demonstrating honesty, ethical behavior, and accountability for our actions as we consistently endeavor to do what is right.


As we continue to write history through enhancing broadband solutions (4G LTE and Fiber access) in Rwanda, it is our sincere hope that these solutions are not only viewed in terms of speed but in the advanced services they can provide to the Rwanda community. Thanks to 4G LTE, commuters in Kigali can now enjoy free 4G Wi-Fi on the bus; some businesses have been enabled to monitor remotely what happens at their premises in real time; residents of Kigali & Rubavu are enjoying first-rate 4G LTE experience among others.


kt Rwanda Networks also believes in giving back to the community. It is for this cause that the company in partnership with MYICT embarked on a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project for regional communities through the set-up of the 4G LTE Center at Vision Jeunesse Nouvelle in Rubavu. The Center provides the youth with an opportunity to experience 4G LTE and basic ICT training free of charge. In the near future, we plan to implement other CSR projects for example in tele-medicine.


We look forward to expanding the broadband revolution as we support business projects based on our core services, Fiber and 4G LTE in a bid to promote entrepreneurship and realize the vision of making Rwanda the Regional ICT hub.



Daeheak AN (Aaron) 

CEO's Message
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