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  • What are 4G LTE and 4G+
    4G LTE is the Fourth Generation Long Term Evolution of data technology for mobile network development. It provides users with much faster data speeds compared to 3G. Whereas 4G+ (or also known as LTE Advanced) is an upgrade to the existing 4G network, doubling the current theoretical network speeds of 150Mbps to 300Mbps.
  • How fast is 4G LTE?
    The device you are using to connect to 4G LTE, determines the speed and performance. 4G LTE offers download & upload speed that is over 10 times faster than the previous network 3G. Besides the device used, Speed may vary between users and is subject to: Hardware and software limitation 4G network coverage/traffic Distance between user and base station Nature of built-up area Source of website and other external factors
  • How can I get 4G LTE service or Fiber Optic Connectivity?
    To get 4G LTE You can subscribe to 4G LTE service by purchasing a 4G LTE device and data bundle from one of our retail partners (here). To get Fixed Broadband You can subscribe to Fiber services through our Retail Partners listed below. (visit ktrn.rw/partners for contact information). You will be required to provide your site location to your preferred Service Provider so that a site survey be done and determine the availability & proximity of our Fiber Optic cable to your site. TNSP KOPA TELECOM MANGO TELECOM PIRAMIE INC. BK TECHOUSE CBNET AIRTEL G-MAX 4NET AFRICA ISCO LTD FASTNET RTN SMART BROADBAND
  • How much does 4G LTE/Fixed Broadband cost?
    You can find the installation cost & service fees from any of our Retail Partners.
  • Where does your fiber optic Network cover?
    KTRN owns an MPLS network that spans over 4000 km of fiber around the country covering all districts and borders of Rwanda.
  • Can I switch seamlessly between 4G LTE and 3G networks with my 4G device/Smartphone?
    Yes. Your 4G LTE devices are backward-compatible, so it is possible to switch between 4G LTE and 3G networks with no problem. However, your SIM card has to be enabled for both and you also have to subscribe for 4G LTE & 3G services.
  • How can I use 4G Internet on my single voice sim card?
    Customers who wish to use 4G on their single voice sim cards will have to visit MTN or AIRTEL service centers to get their SIM CARDS swapped for a 4G SIM CARD or visit the nearest 4G service provider to get a data-only 4G SIM CARD.
  • How can I top-up my 4G LTE bundle?or check bundle balance??
    For Top-up guidance, Please click on ktrn.rw//top-up-guidance . For bundle balance check, please use below methods: •Open LTE RWA app/ or www.4glte.rw •Enter your MSISDN number then Click on balance/usage button.
  • Why is the Internet connection slow?
    You might have finished your data for the day already. Depending on the package you purchased, the internet will slow down once you finish the valid amount of data. Too many users may be accessing the device. You could be browsing far from where 4G LTE device is placed, exceeding the recommended distance (In open space, Huawei CPE: 15m, Huawei mobile router: 10m, Alcatel mobile router: 10m). We may be processing a scheduled maintenance or experiencing some level of service outage in the area. (Contact your Service Provider support team). You might be in an area where there are many 4G Wi-Fi signals, which may cause Wi-Fi interference. Make sure your SIM CARD is for 4G, not 3G. If none of the above suggestions helps, please contact your internet service provider for support. Additionally, our international channels may be experiencing instability for a brief moment. Our staffs will be doing their best to troubleshoot as they work around the clock to ensure stable connection and speed. Thank you for your patience.
  • Why am I not able to connect to the Internet (4G LTE)?
    Your device may be overloaded.Try restarting it. Or check how many devices your router/CPE can support. Your device configuration may have been changed or reset. For example: you may have changed your Wi-Fi password or the APN (Access Point Name). The device may not be compatible with 4G LTE frequency (800MHz/band 20). The system may be under scheduled maintenance or experiencing some level of service outage in the area.
  • How do I access, configure, and manage my Huawei router?
    Connect your computer or phone to your router's WiFi network. You can also connect your computer to the LAN port on your router using an Ethernet cable. Open an Internet browser on your phone or computer. Enter the default IP address in your browser address bar (check the nameplate on the router for the default IP address). In the login window, enter the login password for your router and select Log In to access the mobile web-based management page. The web-based management page provides basic Internet and WiFi configuration features for your routers.
  • What is the IP for my 4G LTE device?
    Normally, default IP addresses are written on the device’ nameplate and are used for making changes to the WiFi password & name or reset your device to the initial configuration.

If your question is not listed here, please first contact your respective service provider for immediate assistance. You can find the contact information on "Partners" page. 

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