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Value-Added Services

Unified Communications (UC) Application 

Unified Communications (UC) application integrates real-time enterprise communication services such as messaging, voice, video conferencing, desktop sharing, data sharing and more. 

Hancome Thinkfree Office

Hancom Thinkfree office is a Cross-Platform Office suite that enables Users to Create and edit professional documents on the desktop, Open PDF and edit a document, spreadsheet or presentation


4G TV is a content-based platform that provides the Rwandan population (especially 4G subscribers) live local content, including breaking news, dramas, VOD, and other entertainments. 

Online Payment​

4G LTE customers can purchase and top-up a bundle from their 4G LTE service provider by making a payment sitting comfortably at home or at the office - instantly and hassle-free. Payment can be done electronically through Debit & Credit Cards.

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