Value-Added Services

Unified Communications (UC) Application 

Unified Communications (UC) application integrates real-time enterprise communication services such as messaging, voice, video conferencing, desktop sharing, data sharing and more. 

Hancome Thinkfree Office

Hancom Thinkfree office is a Cross-Platform Office suite that enables Users to Create and edit professional documents on the desktop, Open PDF and edit a document, spreadsheet or presentation


4G TV is a content-based platform that provides the Rwandan population (especially 4G subscribers) live local content, including breaking news, dramas, VOD, and other entertainments. 

  • VPN over LTE

    "VPN (virtual private network) over LTE" was created to mainly serve Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) wanting to connect multiple branches to their respective headquarters using the LTE network.

  • CCTV 

    Enterprise CCTV is a solution that assists you to conduct real-time monitoring of your business -  using 4G LTE connectivity to produce high-quality image definition of whatever is happening at your business premises. 

  • SageOne

    Sage One is a Simple and Secure Online Accounting Software that supports entrepreneurs, small & growing businesses and accessed anywhere, online & at any time. Sage One really makes running your business easy.

Online Payment​

4G LTE customers can purchase and top-up a bundle from their 4G LTE service provider by making a payment sitting comfortably at home or at the office - instantly and hassle-free. Payment can be done electronically through Debit & Credit Cards.

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