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kt Rwanda Networks General Terms and Conditions of Purchase regulate conclusions, contents and handling of contracts for the purchase of goods and services. Unless otherwise stated in writing between kt Rwanda Networks and the supplier, these terms and conditions of purchase shall apply as fore-stated.

 No Open Tender
Closed Tenders
•Tender Notice for 5 Greenfield Tower constructions
  • Hiring of insurance services for global damage all risks, October 2018

  • Tender_Construction Of DUC_September 5th 2017

  • Tender for FOC Installation 2017

  • Customs cleaning services

  • Supply of Marking Posts

  • Provision of Medical Insurance Services

  • Supply of Toms Project Materials

  • Provision of Security Services to KT Offices, DU Centers, 4G Squares and Antenna Sites

  • Supply of spare parts, Maintenance and Repair services for Air conditioners

  • Supply of FOC Materials and Installation of FOC as of 06th September 2016

  • Provision of cleaning services to KTRN Kigali campus offices.

  • Supply of Laptops

  • Supply of electric materials and maintenance of generators

  • Supply and Construction of greenfield tower

  • Supply and implementation of 4G LTE in building solution

  • Supply, Installation of telecom grounding and renovation works on du centers

  • Fire extinguishers service & refilling 

  • CISCO TAC support & RMA for CISCO routers

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