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Background of TAS

Transform Africa Summit was first organized in October 2013 in Kigali with the aim of improving ICT and infrastructural development in African member states.

KTRN being an active member and a vital contributor to the ICT sector in Rwanda was in the forefront to realizing TAS goals and targets for the country

KTRN first participated in TAS in 2016 as the main sponsor where some vital solutions to businesses, security organs and homes were exhibited. This was CCTV

2017 KTRN partnered with Hancom in sponsoring TAS. Numerous projects were unveiled in form of Value Added Services (VAS) that included an antennae that was powered by solar energy.

The delegation witnessed the signing of 2 MOUs between Hancom, RISA,KTRN & Smart Africa secretariat.

This year KTRN held a breakfast session during TAS where different delegates were invited who included the MITECH minister, KT Global president, Special advisor to Smart Africa, KTRN boarder members, foreign ministers among other dignitaries. The theme of the day was “4G LTE Nationwide coverage” mostly emphasizing on the 95% nationwide network coverage that was achieved.

Presentations were made by the CTIO emphasizing on the Network rollout and plans to improve and maintain superior 4G network quality.

The CSO presented the unique Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) business model that was a first in the region and Africa as a whole.

KTRN retail partners were also present and were represented by a few of retail company representatives. Delegates later on shared breakfast as they exchanged ideas.

What this means to KTRN:

This year’s Transform Africa Summit (TAS2018) is of high significance to KTRN as it highlights the achievement of the company’s major milestones that include the completion of Network rollout that has surpassed 95% of nationwide coverage.

This implies that customers can now be able to access high speed 4G internet from anywhere in Rwanda at the highest quality you can get.

TAS2018 is also very vital in emphasizing the success story of the PPP business model where the government of Rwanda went into partnership with Korea Telecom. This was the first of its kind in Africa and probably in the world to have achieved this level of success.

Why did KTRN be a part of this event?

This year’s theme was “Accelerating Africa’s Single Digital Market”

KTRN is a telecom company with a unique business model and a lead driver of the Digital Market in the region.

Young developers and digital market specialists stand to benefit a lot when they partner with KTRN to provide solutions to the ever growing digital market.

Outcome of TAS2018 breakfast session:

The session brought together different dignitaries & delegates that included local and foreign ministers, ICT specialists and business leaders.

The session opened way to introduction of new technologies and way of doing business with the help 4G technologies, possibilities of doing agribusiness and commercia

Way forward:

With completion of nationwide coverage/network rollout, more is expected in terms of business partnerships and enablement.

The market is expected to grow as they advance from old technologies to most updated and secure technologies like 4G.

With infrastructure setup complete the private & public sectors are expected to utilize this infrastructure to grow their business, institutions and improve the lives of their customers and the people they serve.

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