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In November 2019, Korea Telecom Rwanda Networks (KTRN) commenced the process of a network upgrade and optimization that included software and hardware upgrade along with coverage expansion in order to meet Quality of Service (QoS) demands from its customers and fill the coverage gaps experienced.

In a bid to deliver on its promise for a reliable and quality nationwide 4G network, KTRN invested more than USD 10 million in this network and system upgrade exercise and this has yielded instant good results in improving user experience on the 4G network.

In the upgrade process, KTRN executed the following optimization activities to ensure that the Rwandan users will enjoy the 4G Network for a long time to come;

Packet core and Radio access network software upgrade to the latest versions to improve the quality of service and eliminate any bugs.

Hardware upgrade of Radio Units, where by up to 120 radio sites were swapped and replaced with Dual-band Radios of up to double the capacity previously provided;

Network coverage was improved by adding up to 150 new Radio sites countrywide to eliminate coverage gaps.

As a result of this network and system upgrade, currently, KTRN possesses a more reliable network infrastructure that matches the rate of growth, meets 4G Internet demands, and increases performance to 4G full speed.

With the recent upgrade and coverage expansion countrywide, KTRN is still the first telecom company in Rwanda to provide the largest network coverage with more than 98% of the population coverage.

KTRN’s wide population coverage offers a huge opportunity to private companies, public institutions, and NGOs to expand their reach in the entire country, on a reliable and fast network.

The upgrade coincided with the novel COVID-19 global epidemic that saw the world shut down, but as the world was shutting down, the internet became an even more necessary essential needed at home as work and schools relocated to homes.

In response to this new world KTRN has repositioned itself to better serve the Rwandan people in the following ways;

KTRN has slashed down 4G prices where users can save up to 70% on monthly data subscription with its volume-based products on offer through its retailers. The latest volume product on offer is the Daily Volume pack targeting the general public and is complementary to the Government’s “connect Rwanda” initiative.

KTRN has also designed market specific products to offer solutions to challenges faced by particular businesses; like the E-learning products intended to promote e-learning for schools. E-learning Data plan with its hybrid characteristic, provides a unique offer of data, with free and unlimited access to educational platforms within the package’s validity.

Generally, 4G LTE offers an incredible speed with no limitations on tethering, & no interruption of video conferencing meetings or e-learning. Users can surf at an ultra-speed up to 230Mbps; imagine what Rwandans can achieve with such speed!

We are excited about the new prospects our newly upgraded network will bring to Rwandan citizens and Businesses. The project was done with you in mind!

To join our network, kindly visit the nearest 4G Service Provider who patterns with us; or for contacts, click here: www.ktrn.rw/partners.


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