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With the COVID 19 outbreaks, and the Government imposing restrictions on movements, our daily lives have required more time at home and more usage of data for work, studies, leisure etc.

E-learning and working remotely have become the new norm.

With all efforts being made by the Rwandan Government to tackle the virus and minimize its spread, everyone is cautious and trying to adhere to the new norm by following the government directives for instance staying at home.

During this time, in Rwanda and across the world, people need networking services more than ever; and has become essential service.

Knowing this, KTRN has made some price changes to benefit customers in terms of network quality and customer experience improvement by giving them access to the reliable and fastest 4G internet at affordable prices.

Therefore, in response to the lock down consequences and significant demand in data; KTRN has recently launched AGAHEBUZO 4G Promotion with an amazing discount of up to 70%; to assist Rwandans to cope up with their work while staying safe and entertained at home.

AGAHEBUZO Promo Packs provide you with a specific capacity of data to be consumed within the given period and no throttling speed is applied once the product depleted. Nevertheless, multiple top-ups are available as per needs.

AGAHEBUZO promo packs are open and suitable for all 4G Compatible devices available on the market and recommended for individual professionals, SMEs, heavy internet consumers, and Moviegoers.

The new packages are now available from most of the retail partners, mainly Internet Service providers (ISP), and are open for all new as well as existing subscribers with 4G enabled devices.

Besides the benefit of being volume-based & managed as per the user needs, Users shall enjoy the full 4G speed with no limitation features in data tethering. For existing users please dial *900# or download LTE RWA on App Store or Google Play to access the packages.

The promotion is running for 3 months starting from 10th May to 9th August 2020; furthermore, Rwandans should not miss this golden opportunity of life getting easier with 4G AGAHEBUZO promotion.

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