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The Internet has become part of almost every aspect of our everyday life, for instance, in education, health, banking, insurance, and business; however, as much as we use the internet, it is vulnerable to dealing with critical data entirely depending on the public internet. Hackers are always trying to invade people’s computers seeking sensitive client and company information. As a result, the number of cyber-attacks cases has lately increased.

In addition, most institutions, Private or Public are nowadays depending on online business processes and communications. In the office, on the move, or at a remote branch office, Staff needs uninterrupted, encrypted access to the data, software, and apps required to do their job.

The interconnection, as well as communication between headquarters and branch offices, wouldn’t be possible without a safe and secured Network otherwise, companies’ data may be exposed and their privacy is compromised.

As a solution, KTRN provides VPN Services to its clients while ensuring their safety online. We understand that keeping the lines of communication open and running critical business tools over a secure VPN is key to business operations; that is why KTRN tailored different VPN products for your business.

VPN service is based on the Multiprotocol Label Switching VPN technology. It delivers secure data link communication between two or more sites without interruption and depending on clients’ needs, VPN service is provided with or without internet.

Both services (with and without internet) are already available on the market. Connect different branch offices of your company and avoid the hustle that comes with transport, time, and other logistics.

What does it offer your business?

  • Highly secure and encrypted connections with QoS guaranteed

  • Flexible inter-site connectivity

  • Cost-effective solution- Reduced operating expenses

  • Scalable network –easy to add more branch points in case of need.

To join our network, kindly visit the nearest 4G Service Provider who patterns with us; or for contacts,


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