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KTRN, supporting the Innovation Ecosystem and Rwandan Innovators

Innovation growth and development have become more relevant & proven to be strong vectors towards socio-economic development. In Rwanda, many projects have been introduced to build ecosystems of technology-led innovation that support the growth and sustainability of Rwandan businesses and drive Rwanda’s ambition to become a knowledge-based economy.

Most recently, The Ministry of ICT and Innovation in partnership with the Rwanda Development Board organized the “Hanga Pitchfest’ 21” the first of its kind, an initiative aiming to provide a unique platform to showcase tech-entrepreneurs and creative talents from all over the country and promote the use of technology and innovation.

On 11th December 2021, Hanga Pitchfest’ 21 brought together all the key players in the local tech ecosystem and investors in supporting and empowering young innovators on their entrepreneurial journey. Top 5 brilliant ideas among others have been rewarded with cash prizes.

KTRN, being a pioneer in the delivery of world-class broadband services in Rwanda, joined the HANGA PITCHFEST 21 organizers as the Lead Technology Partner to encourage and support innovators and start-up companies to develop high-value ICT products and services thus enabling the growth of the technology industry.

KTRN boasts of the largest Network coverage with more than 98% of national population coverage and has just completed nationwide network upgrade and expansion to respond to the growth of Rwandan market demand and to keep its commitment of giving world-class broadband services to Rwandans.

With 4G Technology, both public and private online services capabilities have been enhanced and revolutionized, with a dramatic change in users’ behavior and experience in delivering services such as education, health, banking, justice and security. In earnest KTRN has started the Internet of things revolution in Rwanda. This resonates with the Government’s aspiration of an “E-Government”. KTRN proudly powers the “Irembo” Government platform.

To further boost the Government’s vision of an internet-driven economy, KTRN is planning to invest in 5G technologies. Installation works of 5 Trial 5G sites are already underway.

KTRN is thrilled to be part of the ICT revolution, supporting the innovation ecosystem in Rwanda. We are well equipped to enable any broadband based initiatives to enhance socio-economic development.

To join our network, kindly visit the nearest 4G Service Provider who patterns with us; or for contacts, click here: www.ktrn.rw/partners.

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